Job Profile

    • Experience: 7+ Years
    • Location: Remote – North America
    • Job Type: Full-time


    • The primary responsibility of a Director of Delivery is to ensure that projects are managed efficiently from initiation to completion. This involves overseeing project managers and teams, monitoring project timelines, and ensuring that deliverables meet quality standards.
    • Effectively allocating resources is crucial for project success. The Director of Delivery must have a deep understanding of team members’ skills and expertise to match them with the right projects. This involves balancing workload, skill sets, and project requirements.
    • Building and maintaining strong client relationships is a key aspect of the role. The Director of Delivery often serves as a liaison between the client and the delivery team, ensuring that client expectations are met and addressing any concerns or issues that may arise during the project.
    • Identifying and mitigating risks is inherent to project management. The Director of Delivery must have a keen eye for potential risks that could impact project timelines or deliverables. Implementing risk management strategies and contingency plans is essential to navigate uncertainties effectively.
    • Maintaining a high standard of quality in project deliverables is critical. The Director of Delivery is responsible for implementing and monitoring quality assurance processes to ensure that all work meets or exceeds client expectations.
    • Implementing performance metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) is essential for tracking project progress. The Director of Delivery oversees the creation and analysis of reports that provide insights into project performance, enabling data-driven decision-making.
    • Continuously improving delivery processes is vital for staying competitive and meeting evolving client needs. The Director of Delivery identifies areas for process optimization and works collaboratively with teams to implement improvements that enhance efficiency and effectiveness.


Primary Skills

    • You have experience working with WordPress-based web projects for enterprise clients, with a practical understanding of the WordPress CMS.
    • The ability to inspire and lead teams is paramount. A successful Director of Delivery instills confidence, fosters collaboration, and provides clear direction to achieve project goals.
    • The role demands a strategic mindset to align project delivery with the overall goals of the organization. This involves anticipating future challenges, identifying opportunities, and planning for long-term success.
    • Clear and concise communication is essential for managing client relationships, addressing team concerns, and ensuring that everyone involved in a project is on the same page. The Director of Delivery serves as a bridge between clients, team members, and leadership.
    • The ability to identify and solve complex problems is a key attribute. The Director of Delivery must be adept at analyzing situations, making informed decisions, and implementing effective solutions to overcome challenges.
    • Given the dynamic nature of professional services, adaptability is crucial. A successful Director of Delivery is open to change, embraces innovation, and can pivot strategies when necessary.
    • Negotiation skills are vital for managing client expectations, resolving conflicts, and securing resources. The Director of Delivery must be skilled in finding mutually beneficial solutions in various situations.


    • Working Days: 5 days a week.
    • Health Insurance Benefits
    • Parenthood: Paid Parental Leaves.
    • Festival Holidays: Choose your own holidays.
    • Remote Work: Freedom to work from your home office (or anywhere).
    • Rewarding Culture: Performance bonus, anniversary gifts, home office setup allowances, etc.
    • Global Company: We’re a fully remote company with a distributed team in North America, Asia, and Europe.
    • Cross-culture Team: Opportunity to work with cross-culture, cross-country, and cross-function teams.
    • Premium WordPress Agency: We are one of the WordPress VIP partners featured by Automattic – the company behind and WooCommerce.
    • Enterprise Clients: Opportunity to work on challenging projects with our enterprise clientele: NewsCorp, Sneaker News, Accenture, Wonderwall, etc.
    • People First: Focusing on our employee empowerment and enlightenment is our key focus. Take a moment to explore the experiences of our current and former employees on Glassdoor.
    • Empower Learning: We organize skill-development workshops, stipends for continuous learning and skill development.
    • Culture of Contribution: Our team regularly contributes to the WordPress community, and through our non-profit activities, we continue to contribute to society.

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Remote Work

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